Sailing school (from 1974)

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The sailboats used for the school will be: Trident, Optimist, FJ, L'Equipe and 420.

The Trident is a sailboat used for the course for beginners
The Optimist and L'Equipe will be used for the course for 15 year old  and younger participants that have already attended the course for beginners or that however have good sailing experience.
Finally the 420 and FJ are two boats, technically very complete, used for the advance course for the adults.
The sailing course is taught by expirienced instructors registered with the Italian Sailing Federation

Course for beginner : it is going to be in 6 afternoons (from the Monday to the Saturday) for 3 hours every day of lessons that  are divide in a theoretical part in the class and one practical phase on the sea.
Advance course:
the modality of this course will be the same of the other but in 5 mornings (from Monday to Friday) for 3 hours every day.

Prices (year 2001)
(comprised registration to the FIV)

Boys and girls
between the 13 and 18 years

under 12 years

Course for beginner

350.000 lire

315.000 lire

300.000 lire

Advance course

300.000 lire

265.000 lire

250.000 lire

Obligatory : Need Medical Certificate of Good Health.

Sailing school on L'Equipe

Il Club del Mare nel Golfo di Marina di Campo - photo copyright Photocenter

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For information:

Secretariat Club del Mare
Lungomare Mibelli   2
57034 Marina di Campo (LI)
tel. and   fax +39565/976942

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Sailing school recognized from the Italian Sailing Federation 

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